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Surviving mental illness



Mental health at college

My experience

My college years were some of my toughest years of living with mental illness that I went through. It’s when things got so bad I was forced to get professional health.

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2016: What a sh*t year, bring on 2017

2016 has not been the best year – Brexit, Trump and the numerous celebrity deaths such as George Michael, David Bowie and Carrie Fisher to name a few. But 2016 has been a disappointing year for me personally.

I reached multiple peaks of mental illness that have contributed many things to making this year one I wish to forget.

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Leading up to my recent hospital stay – Psychotic Mania

At the end of July 2016 I became quite ill mentally although I was oblivious that there was something wrong. After a crazy week I ended up being sectioned in hospital for a month.

It started with a heightened mood, I felt on top of the world, was booming with confidence, very motivated, energetic, talkative and euphoric. Basically the opposite of my suicidal self I was earlier in the month. This all probably sounds great and a good thing, but there is more…

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